Training & Support

Lifeworks provides a variety of assessment and vocational training services at our Norwood and West Roxbury Training & Fulfillment Centers. Career and work goals are based on the interests, goals, skills and abilities of each individual.

Our full-time Job Development Manager is responsible for working closely with each individual to develop an appropriate job search and placement process. Over the years, Lifeworks has successfully placed 100s of individuals in community-based employment with an exceptional retention rate of over 85%.

Our Employment Opportunities Include:

  • Competitive employment in the community
  • Group employment and mobile work crews
  • Paid contract work in our Employment and Training Centers
  • A combination of any of the above

World of Work Training Program

Several times a year we feature a 9-week “World of Work” (W.O.W.) Training program.

The W.O.W. program helps participants identify their skills, translate talents and hobbies into jobs and develop self-confidence. These ‘soft skills’ are necessary for anyone, but especially someone with a developmental disability, to successfully transition from school or a workshop setting to community-based employment. To see the complete curriculum for the World of Work Training program please click here.

How to Request Employment and Training Services

Lifeworks accepts requests for its employment programs from a variety of sources, including:

  • The Department of Development Services (DDS)
  • The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
  • Individuals being served, their families or other agencies who may represent the individual.

All requests for employment services should be sent to one of our program Directors:
Mary Ellen Cameron, Norwood, MA 781-769-3298 x206
Mariano Gonzalez, Boston, MA 617-323-7400 x224

When a referral is accepted for consideration, we invite you to spend two weeks at one of our Training & Fulfillment Centers.